Stardust Drive Podcast (ARCHIVE)

Featuring the uncensored, truthful opinions of Canadian nerds and geeks as they discuss topics relating the latest issues in the gaming world, as well as tell a few jokes, cry, laugh, enjoy life, and just have some plain old fun.

Episode 1: The Pilot Failure

Episode 2: Tony’s Otherworldly Nightmares

Episode 3: The Five-Star Podcast

Episode 4: The Camera Disruption Complication

Episode 5: The Flatulent Commentary Episode

Episode 6: Bill Nye Met a Zombie President

Episode 7: Ditching Chris at Fan Expo

Episode 8: The One-Year Podcast

Episode 9: The Newbies

Episode 10: The Dream Team 

Episode 11: Super-Post-E3+Xbox-DRM Podcast 

Episode 12: The Minus Carter Podcast 

Episode 13: Ho Ho Hoes of Skyrim 

Episode 14: Tangent Apocalyptic 

Episode 15: Two-Year Anniversary Podcast 

Episode 16: The Five-Year Reflection Podcast 

Episode 17: The Big Easy Podcast 

Episode 19: The Bear Trap Hands Podcast 

Episode 20: The E3 2014 Podcast

Episode 21: The Bus Stop Podcast (3-YR Anniversary) 

Episode 22: The Splitting Atoms Podcast 

Episode 23: The Iron Fist Podcast 

Episode 24: The Fifty Shades of Blue Podcast 

Episode 25: The Urga-Ganon Podcast 

Episode 26: The Last Unicorn Podcast 

Episode 27: The Labyrinth Runner Podcast 

Episode 28: The Al Borland Podcast (4-YR Anniversary)

Comic Soup Podcast (ARCHIVE)

Comic Soup is produced and hosted by David Penny, and is the first spin-off podcast from the SD Podcast that focuses on comic books and comics in relation to the film, television and gaming industry, with discussions on news and rumors circulating the industry.

Episode 1: 

Episode 2: 

Episode 3: 

Episode 4: 

Episode 5: 

Episode 6: 

Episode 7: 

Episode 8: 

Episode 9: