William Kee is a young writer with a passion for horror, thriller and science fiction stories.

William’s passion for writing began when he was about 8 years old. Inspired by the works for R.L. Stine, William wrote for hours and hours, crafting short stories intending to scare his family and friends.

He continued writing horror up until high school, when he began to branch out and write for different genres. He began work on a road-trip adventure story which didn’t end up getting finished. He wrote his first full-length horror story when he was seventeen called March of the Plants, inspired by a nightmare he had one night.

William has been meticulously writing short pieces, and honing his skills. He has an honours advanced diploma in Journalism from Humber College, and a post-graduate certificate from Sheridan College’s Advanced Television and Film, where he wrote a screenplay centered on a modern retelling of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Color out of Space.

He has produced four short films, including the documentaries Balikbayans and Moments in Time, as well as two short dramas The Silver Chevy and Clinch.

His extensive resume includes working for Rogers Television, Business News Network (Bell Media), Insurance Bureau of Canada, and Rely on Horror (a survival-horror online video game magazine) and he currently works full-time in communications for the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

William is also an avid YouTuber, with more than 700 videos on both his solo channel (will173) and his group production channel (Stardust Drive Productions). He is the host and producer of a number of small shows on Stardust Drive, including the Stardust Drive Podcast, Poor Man’s Gaming, and former host of Cooking with Will, Unexpected Pleasures and co-host of Comic Soup.

When William is not busy with work, you can find him serving up coffee part-time and country line-dancing. He currently resides in Acton, Ontario with his girlfriend Samantha, and their two adorable kittens, Evie and Everett.


Follow William on any of his social media channels:

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram


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