March of the Plants – Chapter 1: The Alpha


I rose off the ground, staring out across the wide, luscious fields of grass and seemingly endless flower beds.

Nature came to life before my eyes; I felt light like a feather, weightless, as though I had drifted off to heaven.

I shook my legs to wake them up before starting my trek through the grass. I had no clue where I was, but I wanted to find out where the field would eventually take me.

Farther in the distance on both sides of me were endless rows of tall evergreens that seemed to stretch past the clouds.

There was nothing but grass, flowers, skyscraper-like trees, and an eerie stillness shrouded in morning dew.

I walked for a couple of minutes through a grassy field that seemed to stretch on for an eternity. My progress did not present a change in the environment.

Faint whispers carried through the trees. “Turn back, leave this place, You don’t belong here.”

I wasn’t sure if the chill running down my spine was from the voices or from the chill of the morning dew on my bare knees.

I ignored the whispers and pressed on. That’s when I saw the tree.

This tree was different than the others. It seemed to sprout directly from the path in which I walked. It also appeared to be wider and greener than the others.

Perhaps this tree was the Alpha. Maybe it was responsible for creating everything around me. The central line with interwoven highways of roots and sod, communicating directly with the blockade on both the East and West sides of the field.

I walked closer and placed my hand on the tree. The bark felt hard and smooth, like an end table.

I took several deep breaths, only realizing that my breathing was in sync with the Alpha tree.

The Alpha began to beat to the rhythm of my heart.

Where did this tree even come from?

Suddenly, the tree began to shift. I glanced down as the roots of the Alpha began to uproot; the tree was starting to fall.

I had no time to run. I covered my head as the Alpha toppled, splitting open the world around me. That’s when I blacked out.


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