The Outbreak Podcast Episode #1: Pilot


Anyone who knows me knows my history with podcasting.

I was the host and producer of the Stardust Drive Podcast for four years, as well as a guest co-host and producer on Comic Soup, a spinoff podcast created by Stardust Drive Productions.

It’s been over a year since the last episode of the Stardust Drive Podcast, and I’ll admit, I have missed podcasting.

However, moving forward in 2017, I aim to return to independence. Stardust Drive was a “collaborative” effort. I use quotations because while the production company was created and appeared to act as a team effort, 99.9 per cent of content was produced, edited and published by me.

That being said, I’m looking to return to the podcast world. The following audio clip I’ve attached below is a taste of what’s to come for The Outbreak.

The end goal of this podcast is not only to return to the love of podcasting, but to be created independently, without relying on co-hosts for every episode. Mind you, I will call upon guest hosts, but there will be episodes consisting of just me.

My hope for whoever is listening is that you take the time out of your day to give The Outbreak Podcast a quick listen as I release new episodes. I would love to produce weekly episodes, but as this podcast is still in the trial stages and finding its legs, the schedule will be developed as it happens.

Listen to Episode 1 now on Soundcloud


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