Squadron 1337 Episode #16: Take it on the run


(Scene begins high above the sky. Location: Unknown. Time stamp: Three days later. The camera glides swiftly over the peak of a mountain covered in deciduous trees and shrubs before slowing before a thick school of clouds)

(All is quiet, except for the gentle rise of the familiar tune of Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’ that echoes through the clouds. It increases in volume, as a pelican dropship cuts through the clouds and zooms past the camera)

(Scene cuts inside the pelican dropship, revealing the crew of Squadron 1337)

Dex: Are we there yet?

Rose: Please, shut up.

(A beat)

Dex: Are we-


(Dex looks around, and begins tapping loudly to Space Truckin’)

Leeroy: Hey Dex, want to see the outside of a plane?

Johnson: Ooh, yes!

McCloud: Enough, both of you. Dex, please stop doing that.

Dex: Sorry, sir.

Lincoln: Are you sure the coordinates are accurate? We’ve been flying for three days and nothing.

McCloud: I’m not sure. Did you enter it correctly?

Lincoln: I didn’t punch them in.

McCloud: Then who did?

(group turns to look at Dex)

Dex: What? Was it not 101-64-448?

(group throws their arms up in anger)

All: God damn it, Dex!

Dex: What did I do? Was that not it?

Johnson: The numbers are backward, dingus.

Higgins: Well look on the bright side…Grady’s off our tail, right?

Lincoln: That’s true. Man, that was one hell of a firefight.

Leeroy: Yeah. There’s no way we’re going back now.

McCloud: Grady’s forces have probably swept the compound and are rounding up all of our supplies. We need to move fast.

Johnny: But we’re days ahead of them-

McCloud: Doesn’t matter. Grady can still track our location using our discarded equipment.

Leeroy: Are you serious!?

Lincoln: Aw shit.

Higgins: How did he even know where to find us in the first place?

McCloud: There’s a lot of things I have to tell you, I think we’d better call a team meeting.

(scene cuts to outside the pelican, as the ship slows to a stop in the sky. Lincoln actives the cloaking mechanism as the ship vanishes)

(Scene cuts back inside the ship, as the team gathers in the mission room)

McCloud: Grady’s been tracking us since the beginning. Since New Alexandria.

Johnson: How can that be? Higgins took him out.

Higgins: I watched him die.

McCloud: The New Alexandria mission was a set-up; an elaborate sequence of events created by Gordon Grady. He knew we were coming, he knew just where to stand and just where to fall when you guys got the jump on him.

Rose: How do you know all this? I was keeping watch on the sniper, I didn’t see any other players in the game.

Leeroy: It was Ruby. She provided you the intel in Trisantos.

McCloud: Yes. The coordinates we’re following are to her home base. We will link up with her and her squad, and we’re going to come up with a plan to take down Grady and his forces.

Higgins: Grady’s got an airship. A really BIG airship. We’re going to need a lot of firepower.

McCloud: Yeah…it’s going to be a long road. It’s not going to be easy, but I need you all to get on board with this. It’s life or death.

Dex: I CHOOSE LIFE…The Game of Life, registered trademark.

Johnny: Thank you, Dex.

McCloud: There’s something else I haven’t told you…Grady and I were former squad mates.

Lincoln: Makes sense.

Johnson: Yeah, no surprise there.

McCloud: Really?

Johnson: Yeah, I mean why else would he be trying to kill us? Best-friend-turned murderous-psychopath. It’s so cliche.

McCloud: Uh, yeah. Well anyway, let’s get this ship turned around, and head to the RIGHT coordinates this time.

Dex: WAIT!

(group turns to Dex)

Dex: I wasn’t the one who punched in the coordinates.

(A beat)

(Lincoln gasps, suddenly realizing Dex is telling the truth. Lincoln looks at McCloud)

(The rest of the squad turn to McCloud. McCloud sighs)

McCloud: Well, fuck.

(scene fades to black)



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