Squadron 1337 Episode #15: Where we came from


(Scene begins in the middle of an open canyon. The camera pans down as we see four soldiers crossing the canyon. The scene cross-fades to show a closer view of the soldiers, as they are revealed to be Orion, Innes, Duncan, followed by Digit tagging along back. The four soldiers have left the Green squad base and are making their way on foot to uncover more alien artifacts, with Innes as their prisoner. Innes’ sword is drawn, acting as a beacon/metal detector to draw out other artifacts)

Digit: Are we there yet?

Duncan: There is no there! We don’t have a clear destination. We’re travelling until we can find another artifact.

(A beat)

Digit: My feet hurt.

Orion: Okay, everyone stop.

(The group stops. Orion walks up to Duncan)

Orion: How long have we been walking for?

Duncan: About five hours now, I think.

Orion: Okay, and in those five hours, what have we found?

Duncan: Well, nothing. B-

Orion: But, nothing. We’ve found jack-shit. I say we take a break.

Innes: I second that.

Digit: Ditto!

Duncan: Alright fine, we’re taking a break.

(Scene cuts to a set of trees located close-by, about 10 minutes later. Group has taken shade to preserve their energy.)

(Innes is sitting under a tree, with Duncan watching him closely)

Innes: You know, you don’t have to watch me every second of the day. I’m not going to jump you.

Duncan: I don’t know you, so therefore I don’t trust that you won’t eventually jump one of us.

Innes: What good would that do me, though? Jumping you in the middle of nowhere, with nowhere to run and hide. If I took one of you out, I’d have two more to deal with. (looks to Digit) Well, let’s say one-and-a-half.

Duncan: (sighs) Guess you’ve got a point.

(Digit and Orion walk up)

Orion: Well since we’re going to be travelling together a little while-

Innes: Not by choice.

Orion: Doesn’t matter. How about you tell us a little more about yourself?

Digit: Yay, story-time!

Innes: Well I’ve got nothing to lose, and you certainly have nothing more to gain from my displeasure. So why the heck not. Okay, well I was originally a Blue squad leader with Squadron 1337, until we were assaulted by the Elites on our home turf. My Falcon jet was shot down. I somehow survived, walked for days until I found you guys.

Orion: That’s it?

Innes: Yeah…I mean I figured that’s all that really mattered up until this point, right?

Duncan: You have any family?

Innes: Well, I had a foster mom and a foster sister….well, a couple, I guess. I was a pretty reckless kid; in and out of the foster system for about 10 years, until my foster mom took me in. She and her daughter, Allie, took me in, fed me, clothed me, and despite all my arrogant and barbaric actions, I somehow settled in. They accepted me for who I was.

Digit: Must be hard not knowing your real parents…

Innes: Meh, I could care less. Every foster kid has it differently, I think. Some kids I spoke to growing up really wanted to know where they came from, I never thought about it too much.

Duncan: Yeah…

Innes: Enough about me. What about you guys?

Orion: Well if you must know, my father was the head of a famous salmon-packaging company.

Innes: Let me guess: Blackwells?

Orion: You’re looking at the son of the man who invented the Blackwells label.

Innes: So you must be filthy, stinking rich?

Orion: My family was pretty well off, that’s for sure. But money wasn’t enough for me. I wanted my own adventure. I wanted something I could call me own. I guess that’s what brought me here. And look at me now. I’ve got my own squad. I’m kind of its unofficial leader.

Duncan: He’s the voice; I’m more of the logistical side of the operation.

Innes: And how about you? Where did you come from?

Duncan: University-educated kid who decided to disappoint his parents by not becoming a engineer and instead join the army.

Innes: Ouch.

Duncan: Yeah…sometimes I regret my decision. I could be making a butt-load of money, much like Orion, but likewise, I wanted something more exciting with my life. I guess that’s why Orion and I work so well together.

Digit: Oh jeez, just make out already.

Orion: No. There won’t be any of that.

Innes: I’m curious about you, Digit. What’s your story?

Duncan: More importantly, how did you even make it into the army?

Digit: It’s kind of a funny story actually!

Orion: Oh please, do tell.

Digit: Well, my dad sent me away.

Innes: Like that? Just shipped you off.

Digit: Yeah…he kind of made my mom cry a lot. He was sick of my “always-positive”, “happy-go-lucky” side of me. So he sent me away. He said he knew a guy who was a recruiter with the UNSC. Slipped him some money under the table, and then they suited me up and sent me away. Haven’t spoken with him since.

Duncan: That sucks dude. What about your mom?

Digit: I-I don’t know. I hope she’s feeling better. I just want her to know that I’m okay, and I really hope she hasn’t forgotten about me.

(A beat, as the crew members look at each other)

Duncan: (sigh) I didn’t realize that happened to you, kid. I’m sure your mom’s been thinking about you every single day.

Orion: How about when we get in to the city, if we ever make it to Trisantos, which is a couple hundred miles away from here, we’ll let you place a call home to your mom?

Digit: REALLY!? That would be great, guys! Thanks a million!

(Innes looks at the three soldiers, then looks down. Innes begin to think about his own crew, who have probably forgotten all about him, assuming he perished in the fiery blast.)

Innes: I need to get back to them.

Orion: What’s that?

Innes: My team. My old squad. They need to know that I’m not dead, and that I made it out of there alive. When we find a city, can I do that? Can I call my team?

(Orion looks to Duncan and Digit, and back at Innes)

Orion: Sure man, we’ll let you do that.

Innes: Thanks.

Duncan: This was nice, guys.

Orion: Well how about we get moving?

Digit: Righty-tighty!

(Innes stands up, as the rest of the Green squad follow behind)


End of Episode 15


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