Squadron 1337 Episode #14: The Mighty Eight


(Scene begins on the ground level at Squadron 1337: McCloud is running back to Blue base to meet up with Rose, while Higgins and Johnny work to move Leeroy to a safe location at Blue base)

McCloud: Rose, what’s the situation?

Rose: They’re swarming us, sir. I can’t get a straight shot on them.

(Unloads another sniper round, bullet misses a banshee fighter)

(Higgins, Johnny and Leeroy enter behind McCloud)

Higgins: What do we do?

McCloud: We stand and fight.

Rose: Yeah, but for how long?

Johnny: Why aren’t the others helping us?

Leeroy: (injured) The teleporter’s down. I’m not sure they can get out.

McCloud: Shit…

(McCloud runs out of the base, moving to the middle control tower)

Rose: Hey! Where are you going?

McCloud: Calling for back-up! Cover me.

(Rose unloads another round from her sniper, as Higgins runs up beside her to provide support, firing his assault rifle into the air at the banshees to hold them off)

(McCloud reaches the control room at the top of the middle tower. He enters the force field, and begins to dial out on the radio)

McCloud: This is Captain Ralph McCloud of Squadron 13-37. I want to secure a solid line of communication with Squadron 12-68. Patch me in.

A.I.: Affirmative. Patching you in to 12-68.

(Ruby’s face appears on screen)

Ruby: Oh good God, McCloud. You’re safe.

McCloud: For now. It’s Grady, he’s swarming us. He’s taken an Elite airship. A BIG one. Half our squad is out of commission. Can you assist?

(Ruby looks down at the screen on her end)

Ruby: I’ll see what I can do. I’m sending you the coordinates to 12-68. We’re off the grid. If you and your team can make it out, we’ll provide you refuge.

McCloud: I don’t know if you realize this…but we’re kind of perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the water.

Ruby: I didn’t choose your base of operations. You should’ve built your base in a better spot.

McCloud: Okay, well I’m not getting into this with you right now.

Ruby: My hands are tied here, McCloud. I can’t risk sending my team out on a rescue mission or else we’ll compromise our location bringing you here. Find a way to slip out of there without Grady noticing, and make your way to the coordinates I’ve sent you. Understood?

McCloud: (sigh) Piece of cake, I guess.

Ruby: Don’t you worry; we’ve got cake here too.

McCloud: Better save me a slice…

Ruby: It’s already got your name on it.

McCloud: McCloud out.

(Transmission ends)



(Scene cuts to the hangar below Squadron 1337: Lincoln, Dex and Johnson are inside the pelican, as Lincoln struggles to learn the control scheme)

Lincoln: There sure are a lot of buttons.

Johnson: I’ll be your co-pilot. All you have to do is tilt the stick forward and you’ll glide toward the hangar door. Simple enough?

(Lincoln looks down at the control panel, and then back at Johnson)

Lincoln: Yeah, but how about getting it off the ground?

Dex: Tilt the wheel up!

Johnson: No! Don’t tilt the wheel up.

Lincoln: Okay! I won’t tilt the wheel up.

Johnson: Hold your foot down on the brake, push the throttle down, and start moving forward.

(Lincoln performs these actions, and the pelican reacts. It begins moving forward toward the hangar door.)

Johnson: Now, is there a button on the pelican to open the hangar door?

Lincoln: …No?

Johnson: You don’t know, do you?

Lincoln: Maybe it’ll open when I approach it.

(Cuts to outside of the pelican, as the ship bumps into the hangar door. More dust and rocks fall around the ship.)

Johnson: Real smooth. (looks up) Here, try this.

(Johnson presses a button labelled “Hangar door –don’t press!”)

(The hangar door begins to lower slowly, as more and more light fills the hangar. Lincoln, Dex and Johnson are now free to fly the pelican out.)

Lincoln: Okay, now what?

Johnson: Reverse the ship, and then step on the gas. Once you do, lift the landing gear, that’ll bring your wheels up.

Lincoln: Then I’m basically airborne?

Johnson: That’s the plan.

Dex: Guys, I’m scared!

Johnson: Nothing to it. It’s like riding a bike.

Lincoln: (takes a deep breath) Okay, here goes.

(Pelican begins to reverse toward the rear of the hangar. Lincoln shifts into drive and steps on the gas. The pelican lurches forward, and as it soars out of the hangar, Lincoln throws the throttle up, as the wheels fold in to the ship)

Lincoln: Holy shit, I’m flying. I’m flying!

Johnson: Tilt the wheel up!

Lincoln: Oh shit, I’m falling!

Dex: Tilt the wheel! Aah!

(Lincoln pulls the wheel up, as the pelican begins to soar back up toward the sky)



(Scene cuts to Blue base: Rose spots the pelican in her line of sight through the sniper)

Rose: Sir, we’ve got a pelican dropship approaching.

McCloud: That’s our pelican!

Johnny: Wait, we have a pelican?

(McCloud begins to broadcast on a secure line to the pelican)

McCloud (radio): This is Captain McCloud. Who is piloting that pelican?

Lincoln (radio): McCloud!? Is that you?

McCloud (radio): Lincoln! We’re at Blue base. Can you come and get us?

Lincoln (radio): I can try. I haven’t really flown one of these things before.

McCloud (radio): Take it slow, and we’ll cover you.

Lincoln (radio): Roger that.

(Line cuts out)

(McCloud turns to Rose, Leeroy, Johnny and Higgins)

McCloud: This is it. We have to hold them off for a little while longer, and then we’re home free.

Higgins: But sir, what about our base?

McCloud: There’s no time. We can’t stay here. We have to go.

Johnny (to Leeroy): Can you walk?

Leeroy (to Johnny): Not really. It’s kind of sore.

Johnny (to Leeroy): That’s okay, I’ve got your back.

McCloud: Higgins, Rose: keep your weapons locked on those banshees. Provide Lincoln a clear path to land.

Higgins: Got it.

McCloud: Move!

(The five soldiers all depart Blue base, coming under heavy fire. Higgins switches to a rocket launcher, and fires a locked-on round at a hovering banshee, which explodes on impact. The banshee crash lands into Blue base)

(The Pelican turns and begins to land in the middle of the canyon)

(Cut to inside the Pelican)

Johnson: Dex, open the rear door!

Dex: Doi! Got it.

(Dex presses the button, as the Pelican’s rear door begins to drop, and we see McCloud, Rose and Higgins walk up, aiming their guns at the sky, firing at the oncoming onslaught)

(Johnny and Leeroy take up the rear. Leeroy even tries to assist in shooting, but is too sore to lift his arm. Johnny places Leeroy securely in a chair)

Johnson: We’re taking heavy fire, you guys better get strapped in.

(The five soldiers, now reunited with Dex, Johnson and Lincoln, are all aboard the pelican. Dex closes the hangar door)

Lincoln: Hold on!

(Lincoln accelerates, as the pelican begins a quick ascent into the skies)

(McCloud walks up to the front, and begins to punch the coordinates for Squadron 1268 into the map)

McCloud: Take us to these coordinates. We’ve got some friends in high places.

Lincoln: Yes, sir.

McCloud: Johnson, put us in cloak.

Johnson: This ship can do that!?

McCloud: Far right hand side. The blue button.

Johnson: Whoa.

(Johnson presses button, as the pelican begins to cloak, camouflaging into the clouds. The banshees all begin to circle the last spot they saw the pelican)



(Cuts to Elite airship. Gordon Grady stands in watch in the main construct. A smile crosses his weary face)

Grady: Keep running, McCloud. I always find you.


End of Episode 14


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