Squadron 1337 Episode #12: Unprepared for battle


(Scene begins at Squadron 1337 on the ground level, mere minutes before the explosion)

(Johnny and Rose are standing atop the main level base, as Higgins and Leeroy join them on the top level)

(jet sounds can be heard overhead, but Johnny and Rose are unable to trace the sound)

Leeroy: You guys hearing that?

Rose: We’ve been tracking it for the past five minutes. Sounds like a plane circling overhead, I just can’t get my sights on it. (Rose is circling her sniper in the air)

Higgins: Maybe McCloud’s trying to land?

Johnny: He would’ve done it already.

Higgins: Should we try phoning him?

Leeroy: Hold off for now.

Higgins: But if it’s an ambush, shouldn’t we be prepared for the worst? There’s only four of us right now; we can’t possibly hold off an ambush.

Leeroy: I’m sure it’s nothing.

Johnny: It’s probably like one of those strange noises that go off being unexplained.

Higgins: Yeah, and you know what people tend to associate those noises to? Aliens!

Rose: We already took care of the Elites. They got the message, they aren’t coming back.

Leeroy: Hey Higgins…here. (Leeroy holds out a snack)

Higgins: What’s this?

Leeroy: You get a little stressed out when you’re hungry.

(Higgins lifts the snack bar up to his visor. Snack taps against the visor a couple of times, but nothing happens.)

Leeroy: Better?




(Scene cuts to the skies. McCloud is piloting his Falcon airship back to Squadron 1337. Suddenly he receives a transmission over the radio)

Falcon AI: Incoming transmission from Squadron 1268.

McCloud: Open the line.

(AI opens the transmission)

Ruby: Hey Ralphie, come in.

McCloud: Picking you up loud and clear, Ruby. What’s up?

Ruby: I’m picking up a strange frequency over top of your canyon.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been keeping tabs on your base of operations, in case Grady were to rear his ugly mug. I’ve had Santos looking into the frequency levels for me to try and triangulate its origins, but whatever is circling your base, it appears to be cloaked. Oh, and Santos says hi by the way.

McCloud: You think Grady would strike that soon?

Ruby: It’s possible. I can’t confirm my suspicions, but I thought I’d give you a heads up. My team’s currently tangled up with other matters at the moment so I can’t provide back up at the present moment.

McCloud: I think we’ll be fine. Thanks, Miriam. McCloud out.

(Transmission ends)

McCloud: Let’s hope I’m not too late.


(Scene returns to Squadron 1337: The four remaining soldiers have their eyes to the skies, when suddenly a large airship drops down from out of the cloud, deactivating cloaking. It appears alien)

Leeroy: Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

Johnny: Maybe it doesn’t see us.

(Airship deploys seven banshee fighter jets that descend upon the canyon. One of the airships fires a banshee bomb that approaches the soldiers)

Rose: Move now!

(Rose, Johnny, Higgins and Leeroy all scatter, as the banshee bomb narrowly misses the soldiers)

(Rose and Leeroy are now on foot running toward Blue base)

Leeroy: Rose, I need sniper cover. Head to the top level.

Rose: Got it.

(Leeroy turns and opens fire on one of the banshee fighters, which begins shooting individualized laser beams toward the Blue base)

Leeroy: (frantic) Shit, shit!

(Leeroy activates his armor ability, running around the back of the base at lightning speed)

Leeroy: (frantic) Fuck! How do I stop this thing!?

(Leeroy trips and collides into the back of Red base, where Johnny and Higgins are currently held up)

Higgins: What was that?

Johnny: I don’t know. The wind?

Higgins: Yeah, okay Johnny.

Johnny: Well don’t ask stupid questions.

Higgins: Don’t give stupid answers.

Leeroy: (outside) Guys, I’m REALLY hurt!

Higgins: Yeah, in a second Leeroy. (to Johnny) I mean seriously, the wind? Have you seen the battle going on outside?

Johnny: No Higgins, I’m wearing blinders. I thought we were listening to a Michael Bay soundtrack.

Leeroy: (still outside) Guys, I think I broke my ribs.

Johnny: (to Leeroy) Hang on a minute, Leeroy. I’m trying to settle this.

Higgins: You mean to tell me you thought you were listening to the great and powerful Michael Bay?

Johnny: Ever heard of sarcasm?

Leeroy: (continues to remain outside) I’M…REALLY…HURT!

(Johnny and Higgins run outside, Leeroy appears to be plastered to the wall)

Johnny: Whoa, Leeroy. How’d you do that?

Leeroy: Doesn’t matter. Get me off this wall.

(Higgins and Johnny attempt to pull Leeroy loose, but he’s wedged in too tight)

Higgins: He’s not budging man. I think we have to call it.

Johnny: (looks at his wrist) Time of death-


Higgins: Holy shit, he’s still alive!

Leeroy: Of course I’m still alive!! Just wait till I get free, you’ll be begging for your life.

(An explosion can be heard off-screen)

Rose: (off-screen) If you guys are done being retards, I can use your help.

Higgins: We’ll be right back, Leeroy. Stay put.

Leeroy: Trust me, I’m not going anywhere.

Johnny: That’s a good one, Leeroy. Just stay positive.

(The two soldiers run off toward Blue base, leaving Leeroy pinned in the wall)

Leeroy: I’m surrounded by idiots.



(Scene cuts to the skies above Squadron 1337. Airship is hovering overhead. Camera zooms in to spot McCloud’s Falcon approaching)

McCloud: So it is the Elites after all…

Falcon AI: Incoming transmission from an unknown source.

McCloud: Open the line.

(line buzzes for a second, a burly voice can be heard)

Grady: Hello, old friend.

McCloud: Grady…so it is true. You’re still alive.

Grady: Of course I’m still alive. You think your squad could take me on. What a joke.

McCloud: I forgot about your hologram armor ability. Well played, I must say.

Grady: Well I’m certain you’ll enjoy my next one.

(McCloud’s screen opens up to show Grady’s face. He is a gruff looking man with a beard, specks of grey are dabbled along his face, signs of age show in his dark brown eyes. His hair has been shaved down to an army-style buzz cut. Grady smiles a disturbingly sinister grin, as he turns the dashboard camera of his aircraft toward his target: Squadron 1337)

McCloud: Are you piloting that airship? You’re leading the Elites?

Grady: Right you are, my friend! I’ve got myself a new army, and because you couldn’t finish the job of killing me when you had the chance, I thought I’d return to continue our little game of chess. I believe it’s checkmate, McCloud.

(transmission ends, as McCloud in a panic, descends quickly in the Falcon to rejoin his squad on the ground)


End of Episode 12



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