Squadron 1337 Episode #11: Words of encouragement


(Scene begins at rogue base. Orion and Duncan return to the containment where Innes is being held)

(Innes appears to have nodded off in the corner with his weapon holstered. Orion walks up and taps Innes with his gun)

Innes: H-Hey!

Orion: Get up…we’re moving.

Innes: Mind telling me where?

Orion: In due time. We’ve got a mission on our hands, and you’re the key.

Innes: Why? Because I’ve got the sword and you can’t use it.

Duncan: Pretty much. Now get up.

Innes: Ugh…

(Innes climbs to his feet, picking up the sheathed sword, placing it in his back pocket. Duncan walks behind him with a gun pointed at his head)

Innes: (to Duncan) What are you doing?

Duncan: I’m taking up the rear. There’s no way I’m letting you get the jump on one of us and jeopardizing this operation.

Innes: What operation!?

Orion: I already told you…you’ll find out in due time.

Innes: Can’t I get a little hint?

(Digit appears in doorway suddenly)

Digit: The guys want to use your sword to find other hidden artifacts.

Duncan: Digit, what the hell man!?

Digit: I don’t understand what the big secret is. He’s our prisoner; do you think he has a choice in the matter?

(Duncan and Orion look at each other, while Innes exchanges glances with each soldier)

Orion: I guess you’re right. (turns to Innes) Well now you know.

Innes: Thank you, that’s all I wanted to know. At least you have no reason to kill me now seeing as how I became an asset in your operation.

Orion: Oh we still may consider killing you. Once we’ve found ourselves a special weapon like your sword, we won’t have a use for you anymore.

Innes: Well fuck.



(Scene changes to Squadron 1337 underground bunker. Lincoln is practicing his target practice on a couple of stationery wall dummies. He fires a few burst rounds through one, before ducking behind wall cover, and lobbing a grenade toward another)

Dex: (off-screen) Hey, watch out!

Lincoln: Dex! Goddammit, why are you always getting in the way?

Dex: Uh, I was trying to get to the fridge. My turkey bacon and salami sub has been cooling for the past couple of minutes, and I had a craving.

(Lincoln comes out from behind cover, and sighs)

Lincoln: Listen Dex, I’m sorry I had to take you out on our last mission. You know I had no other choice.

Dex: But I thought we were pals, and pals don’t take out other pals while under attack by a swarm of aliens.

Lincoln: (sighs again) I know, man. I know.

(Johnson walks up)

Johnson: What’s with the explosion?

Lincoln: Target practice.

Dex: And Lincoln almost killed me again.

Johnson: Wow, talk about bad luck.

Lincoln: How’s your arm?

Johnson: Still sore. Johnny says I probably won’t be any help shooting for another couple of weeks. But I’m expected to start some physical therapy tomorrow. That’ll be fun.

Lincoln: That’s good.

(Lincoln walks toward his target he lobbed a grenade at, examining the wall in silence)

Johnson: Something on your mind?

Lincoln: I can’t help but feel like maybe McCloud was right. Maybe I was too cocky in my actions.

Dex: You did what you had to d-

Lincoln: There could’ve been another way. I shouldn’t have had to put you down in order to complete the mission. I don’t want to be labelled a team-killer. Friendly fire isn’t me.

Johnson: And that’s why sitting you out is probably in the best interest. It’s given you the opportunity to see what you did wrong. That way you can re-evaluate your mistakes and take another game plan.

Lincoln: McCloud said I was a fine squad leader…

Johnson: And you are, but nobody’s perfect. We all have to fail at least once, but we always get back up on our feet.

Dex: We are in a war. We fight till the end.

Lincoln: You guys…thank you. That’s the encouragement I needed.

Johnson: Got your back, jack.

(An explosion triggers above ground. Specks of dirt and debris begin to fall from the ceiling, narrowly missing the three soldiers)

Lincoln: What the hell was that?

Dex: Trouble.


End of Episode 11



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