Squadron 1337 Episode #10: Through the grapevine


(Scene begins at rogue base. Orion and Duncan are speaking with Innes in lock up)

Innes: My sword? Why do you want to see my sword?

Duncan: Because it’s a fucking sword. Swords are cool.

Orion: We got word that the UNSC is looking for a number of special alien artifacts. We just want to see if you’re sword is the real deal.

Innes: I don’t have much of a choice in the matter, do I?

Orion: Not unless you want a rifle shoved halfway up your crack-hole.

Innes: I’d rather not. Okay fine.

(Innes draws sword. It shimmers in light blue with the occasional strand of purple pulsating along the tips)

(Duncan and Orion are baffled at the sheer beauty of the weapon)

Duncan: Okay, now drop it.

Innes: Excuse me?

(Duncan and Orion draw their weapons toward Innes)

Orion: Drop the sword, prisoner.

Innes: Okay, okay. Let’s all cool off.

(Innes drops the sword, as the beams of energy that formed the sword retreat back into the small grey base of the sword)

(Orion reaches down to pick it up, and nothing happens. Orion tries shaking the grey cylindrical base around to unleash the sword, but nothing happens.)

Orion: What the hell?

Duncan: Here, let me try.

(Orion passes the base to Duncan, who also tries several attempts to draw the sword, but no luck)

(Duncan drops the base)

Duncan: What a jip.

Orion: How did you get it to come out of its base?

Innes: Um…if I tell you, will you let me go?

Orion: Don’t push it. (maintains aim of his rifle at Innes)

Innes: Uh…well, I didn’t do much. You guys were pretty much on par. Maybe it just doesn’t like you.

Orion: It’s just a weapon. It doesn’t have a mind of its own.

Innes: Yeah but if it’s an alien artifact, maybe there’s more to it than it seems.

Duncan: Could you give us a minute, prisoner?

Innes: I’ve got all the time in the world.

(Duncan and Orion exit the holo-door, and begin walking up the staircase toward the central base structure one floor above Innes)

Orion: What’s going on?

Duncan: I hate to say it, but I think we have to work with him.

Orion: He’s our prisoner, Duncan. Are you crazy?

Duncan: If this is an alien artifact, maybe it only works on a specific host. Perhaps Innes got lucky, stumbled upon the sword, and became its primary user.

Orion: But what good is that to us if we can’t harness its power for ourselves?

Duncan: You said there were other artifacts, right? Well maybe we can use this one to locate the others…if they haven’t already been picked up by others.

Orion: So working with the enemy?

Duncan: Working with the enemy, but under tight surveillance. We can’t have him give us the slip or try to pull the wool over our eyes. He says he’s not willing to fight, but who’s to say he won’t try to slit out throats in our sleep tomorrow night?

Digit: Are we having a team meeting?

(Orion and Duncan turn to see Digit standing behind them, and are shocked at his sudden appearance)

Orion: How long have you been standing there?

Digit: I think the real question is…did I scare you?

Orion: If you must know, we’re discussing what to do with the prisoner. Why don’t you go keep him company? Hang out, grab some intel.

Digit: Oh, I left my computer in the mission room.

Orion: Not Intel computer, dipshit. Try and find out some more information on our prisoner.

Digit: 10-4, good buddy!

(Digit descends the stairs, leaving the scene)

Duncan: Can I kill h-

Orion: No.

Duncan: Fuck.



(Cut to Trisantos in Ripley’s Café. McCloud and Ruby are still in their meeting)

McCloud: Ruby…if what you’re telling me is true, and Gordon Grady is alive, he’s bound to come after us again.

Ruby: That’s why I called you here. He’s on the war path. He’s been going around, taking down everyone in our former squad. He’s got a bone to pick with us, and there aren’t a lot of us left.

McCloud: Okay…I hate to ask, but who’s left?

Ruby: Um…I’m pretty sure Santos is still kicking around somewhere, and I’m fairly certain Commander Hill got a promotion after we were all transferred so he’s probably pretty safe where he’s sitting right now.

McCloud: So we have to get to Santos somehow. Where’s he stationed?

Ruby: Don’t worry about Santos, I can deal with Santos. I’ve already got a squad on route to his location. McCloud, I need you to go back and warn your squad. We need to set up another meeting very soon.

McCloud: Is there anything else I should know?

Ruby: Have you been watching the news lately?

McCloud: I don’t have cable.

Ruby: Really? That shit’s only 45 dollars a month, you could get a pretty good d-

McCloud: I’m more of a reader, although they stopped shipping newspapers. Paper boys can’t climb mountains, after all.

Ruby: Anyway, there’s been talk of strange alien artifacts popping up all over the planet. So far they’ve counted seven in total have been picked up.

McCloud: And the significance of these artifacts?

Ruby: Let’s just say they have a crucial role to play in our fight against the Elites. It could be a tide changer.

McCloud: Good to know. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep my eyes open.

Ruby: I gotta head back. It was nice seeing you again, Ralphie. You look great.

(A beat)

McCloud: S-so do you. I’m glad we got to catch up, albeit under these circumstances. Not much of a date eh?

Ruby: Who said anything about a date?

McCloud: A what? I didn’t say date.

Ruby: Uh, yeah you did.

McCloud: Nevermind. It was great seeing you again. We’ll keep in touch, and keep me posted on any updates about Grady or these alien artifacts.

(Ruby waves goodbye, leaving the café)

(McCloud sits back down in his chair, staring into his empty coffee cup, unsure of his next move)

Waitress: More coffee sir?

McCloud: Yes, please.

(She begins pouring, as McCloud stares forward at the wall. His face looks grim, almost lifeless.)


End of Episode 10



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