Squadron 1337 Episode #6: Minor Setbacks


(scene begins at concrete wall at present time. Several hours have passed since Innes arrived at a dead end. Long-shot of wall, as scene cuts to close-up of Innes hacking away at wall with the sword before backing away and calling it quits)

Innes: Wow that is one sturdy wall. (heavy breathing) Well I give up. I guess I’m just gonna have to go back the way I came.

(Innes turns around to walk away, but turns back to look up at wall)

Innes: No, no wait a minute! Innes Frelia does not back down from a fight…even if the fight is against a three-storey concrete wall.

(cuts to close-up of high-end of wall)

Innes: Don’t you mock me, wall! What is your motive for blocking my path to freedom? Why must you stand in my way!?

(cuts to close-up of high-end of wall…again)

Innes: What the hell am I doing? I’m talking to a wall. I’ve finally gone crazy. Now I know how Dex must feel. (turns attention back to wall) DON’T YOU BE TALKING ABOUT MY MOTHER, YOU CONCRETE WHORE! I’LL FUCKING SLIT YOUR GOD-DAMN THROAT JUST AS FAST AS YOU CAN SAY “OPEN SESAME”.

(ground starts to shake suddenly, as wall slowly starts to sink into ground, opening the pathway for Innes to continue)

Innes: Seriously wall? Open sesame? What are we, the looney tunes? Good lord…

(runs forward before stopping to witness a sight off-screen)

Innes: Oh man…I don’t know if this is good or bad…but it’s definitely something.

(cuts quickly to show wide shot of an unknown base off in the distance, as camera stays perched behind Innes following his reaction)


(scene cuts immediately to Reflection)

(gunfight between two remaining Elites and a perched Lincoln ensues. Lincoln tosses a grenade, and shoots more sniper rounds)

(Johnny can be seen taking the lift up to meet Lincoln who is perched in the vantage point)

Lincoln: Oh Johnny! Thank God you’re finally here! I need some back-up.

Johnny: What’s the situation?

Lincoln: Right now we have two men down and I’m trying to fight off-

Johnny: Whoa-whoa-whoa, wait a second. Did you say two men? McCloud told me that Johnson was injured…who else is hurt?

(Johnny turns his attention to the left side of vantage point, and sees Dex on ground)

Lincoln: Yeah…that was kinda my fault.

Johnny: Lincoln, you didn’t?

Lincoln: I had to. Dex got in the way of me helping Johnson, so I knocked him out. I couldn’t have him getting in the way again.

Johnny: You know McCloud isn’t going to be happy when he hears you purposely knocked out one of your teammates…

Lincoln: And he isn’t going to be happy when he finds out we came home empty-handed, so I need you to take care of Johnson and Dex while I secure the package. Understood?

Johnny: Yeah, I guess so.

Lincoln: Good.

(Lincoln leaves to the left of the vantage point)


(cuts to ground floor, as Lincoln can be seen picking off one more Elite on ground level with the sniper, before running up to second Elite, grabbing Overshield in the process, and finishing it up at close-range)

(Lincoln runs up to the alien tech, safely securing package)

(Lincoln radios up to Johnny on the 2nd floor)

Lincoln: Package is secure. How are things on your end?

Johnny: I’ve moved them onto the dropship…but boy, are these guys heavy. I don’t think I need to workout for another week.

Lincoln: Alright. I’m on my way, you big baby.

Johnny: Roger that….asshole.

(radio transmission ends)

Lincoln: Well, at least there’s one good thing that came out of this mission. McCloud cant’t be too mad at me now!


(cuts back to Squadron 1337 following end of mission, as McCloud is speaking personally to Lincoln and Johnny)

McCloud: (to Lincoln) You team-killing son of a bitch…

Lincoln: But….on the bright side, aside from two injuries, we secured the package. And I think we all learned a valuable lesson today!

McCloud: Oh really!? And what’s that?

Lincoln: When the going gets tough…uh…take out Dex?

McCloud: Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in right now!? I should write you up for this. You injured two soldiers in the field, and one of them was on purpose! What were you thinking??

Lincoln: I was THINKING about the mission, sir. Dex got in the way while I was TRYING to do my job, so I needed to get him out of the way or else they would’ve done him in first.

McCloud: I don’t care what Dex did…the point is…I’m now down two soldiers to the infirmary. I would’ve thought you were smarter than this in the field, but it seems you’re just as cocky as Innes was.

Lincoln: That’s a little hurtful, sir…

Johnny: Sir, if I may. Lincoln was just doing what he thought was needed to secure the package. And that is what you wanted, so now we’ve got the jump on the Elites. We can trace the tech’s original carrier, like you said. At least it’ll put us in the right direction in avenging Innes’ death.

(McCloud sighs, before turning his back to Johnny and Lincoln, and looking over cliff edge)

McCloud: (sighs) Look Lincoln, I like you. I think you’re a fine squad leader. Unfortunately, I’ve got to follow the book on this one. So as of now, I’m suspending you from duty.

Lincoln: But sir?

(McCloud turns back to look at two soldiers)

McCloud: Lincoln! Please, let me finish…I’m going to put you to work around the base until I see fit to put you back in the field with the rest of your team. Do I make myself clear?

Lincoln: (sighs) Yes sir. Crystal clear.

McCloud: You’re both dismissed.

(Lincoln and Johnny both leave landing bay, as McCloud turns out to look over the edge, watching on)

(fade to black)



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