Squadron 1337 Episode #5: Take one for the team


(scene fades in at Reflection, a.k.a. new Ivory Tower. Camera slowly zooms out of the holographic Earth sphere at center of map. Time Stamp: Abandoned High-rise Tower, New Alexandria, 4:11p.m.)

(cut to different spots of the map. Eventually, we see group of aliens hovered around a bunch of gadgets and tech in one corner of map (white spot on ground to signify))

(Aliens are deep in loud conversation, but at the moment, none of it makes sense and there is no translation)

(scene cuts again to elevators, where we see Lincoln, Dex and Johnson have arrived at Reflection)

Johnson: I know this place is abandoned and all, but seriously? Elevator music? That’s still a thing? You’d think the Elites would’ve made a few changes when they took over.

Dex: Perhaps smooth jazz is part of their national anthem?

Lincoln: Okay seriously guys? Enough small talk. Let’sĀ focus on the mission. This is life or death, and right now, the odds don’t seem heavily in our favour.

Johnson: What are you worried about, Lincoln? Remember the plan on the way up? If the going gets tough, just sacrifice Dex. How can we possibly fail?

Dex: I don’t remember agreeing to those terms…

Lincoln: Look, we’ll need a vantage point. Let’s head up the lift.

(team heads up lift, either separately or together all the way to the top level)

(once at top, the three soldiers head to vantage point to get lay of the land)

(Lincoln draws sniper)

(two Elites can be seen circling the center ring of the level, while two more soldiers provide cover by the alien tech on the other end of the room)

Lincoln: (through sniper) I count four soldiers keeping tabs on that tech. (turns to Johnson and Dex) We’re gonna need to get in close to take out some of those stragglers.

Johnson: I can do it. I get a boner for Elites in fear.

Lincoln: That’s a little creepy…but okay. You’ve got your armor enhancement?

Johnson: (reloads shotgun) Yep! And shotgun’s ready and loaded!

Dex: Well what about me, Lincoln? How can I help?

Lincoln: Well you can help me by staying up here and keeping lookout. Can you do that?

Dex: Yes sir!

Johnson: Alright, I’m off.

Lincoln: Keep me posted on channel 12. I’ll cover you from up here.

Johnson: Channel 12, loud and clear!

(Johnson runs off-screen)


(scene cuts back to Squadron 1337 Blue base: McCloud is seen walking up ramp to top floor of base, and stops at entrance)

McCloud: Leeroy! Johnny! Are you guys in there?

Leeroy: (from inside base) Uh…maybe??

McCloud: C’mon guys, you can’t hide forever.

Leeroy: (emerges from left side of base, still in base) On the contrary, we’re hiding right now.

McCloud: I can see you.

Leeroy: (pauses, slowly walks back behind wall) Can you see me now?

(McCloud runs in to base, confronts Leeroy and Johnny)

McCloud: Why the hell weren’t you guys at the meeting!? We could’ve used you guys, but instead I had to resort to sending Dex!

Johnny: Umm…well we felt it necessary to take an early vacation…given we’re still kinda in the grieving process.

McCloud: The grieving process!? It’s been six months…and I only gave you two. The grieving process normally doesn’t take any longer!

Leeroy: Okay…well we’re still kinda coming to terms with it. In my case…it’s really only started to sink in that Innes is really gone.

McCloud: You said it yourself that you wanted to rush to have him signed off as “killed in action”-

Leeroy: Yeah I know. I’m a dick…sue me.

McCloud: Look guys…I’m sorry that I’ve got to come down on you like this. I’m not trying to be the bad guy here. Right now, we’ve got bigger things to worry about…and I don’t want to make Innes’ passing sound any less important…but guys…it’s time to get back into the game.

(Leeroy and Johnny turn to each other, then back to McCloud)

Johnny: You know, we still have checkers laying around if you wanna play a few rounds?

McCloud: (sighs) Oh fine, what the hell.


(cuts back to Reflection. Johnson on bottom floor sneaking up to nearby wall on right side as an Elite is just about to make his rounds)

(Elite yells jumbled speech to Elite on other end of the circle, before walking off to the right. Johnson grabs Elite and kills it off-screen behind wall)

(cuts back to Johnson)

Johnson: First Elite is down, waiting for the second to make his round.

(cuts back to main floor, as second Elite continues walk around corridor. Johnson sneak attacks second Elite before taking cover behind a pillar)

(Elites by the alien tech are alerted to a sound on the floor, as Johnson is still huddled behind cover)

Johnson: Uh oh…I don’t think I was so silent on that last kill.

(cuts up to vantage point: Lincoln with sniper looks down as Dex stands idly by)

Lincoln: Yeah that might be a problem. But on the bright side, we outnumber them.

Johnson: Yeah, but I’m outnumbered down here on ground level. You think you can back me up with that sniper?

Lincoln: (via radio) I’ve got ya covered.

Johnson: Here goes nothing.

(Johnson emerges from cover as he pulls his assault rifle out to start defending against the remaining Elites, who begin opening fire with plasma rifles. Intense battle ensues)

(cuts up to Lincoln and Dex at vantage point)

Johnson: (via radio) I’m going in heavy, be ready with the sniper!

Lincoln: Got it.

(cuts to vantage point sniper zoom, as Johnson is seen heading in hot to take down Elites at other end of map. Suddenly Dex appears in the viewfinder blocking Lincoln’s view)

Dex: Can I help!?

Lincoln: Dex! Fuck!

(Lincoln shoots a blind sniper round, which can be seen bouncing off the walls of Reflection. Lincoln and Dex watch in unison as the bullet ricochets back and forth)

(cuts down to ground level, as bullet knicks Johnson in the shoulder, and he falls hard to the ground, injured)

Johnson: MY SHOULDER!!!!

(cuts quickly back to Lincoln and Dex)

(Lincoln turns on radio to different channel)

Lincoln: This is Bravo Team calling base…we’re gonna need a medic.

Dex: (turns to Lincoln) You really should’ve watched where you were aiming…

(Lincoln grunts)

(fades to black)



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