Squadron 1337 Episode #4: Grieving Process


(scene begins with an overhead shot of Squadron 1337 HQ – “Six Months Later”, presumably six months after Episode 3)

(cuts to atop main central base: McCloud is meeting with Red Team, and Dex)

McCloud: Okay team. It’s time for your next mission. You are to investigate an abandoned high-rise tower in New Alexandria. I’ve received reports from another squad that the Elites have stored some pretty high-grade alien technology.

Rose: What kind of tech are we talking here?

McCloud: We believe they are using this tower as a storage base for most of their weapons, ammunition and equipment. I want to send a team in to extract some of that tech so we can run some background checks and try to pinpoint it’s carrier.

Rose: So are the aliens guarding this stuff right now?

McCloud: Most likely. The tower’s been closed off to the public for months now. It was used as a gala hall for charity events back in the day, but since its foreclosure, the Elites have moved in and claimed it as their own.

Higgins: I’m guessing the Elites won’t be holding any banquet gatherings in the near future…jeez I wonder what kinds of desserts would be on their menu?

Lincoln: (to McCloud) So we’re going to be sending a bunch of soldiers blind into a heavily-guarded tower with ammo and weaponry crafted by the enemy…on their home turf?

(Johnson turns to Lincoln)

Johnson: See, when you phrase your questions like that, the odds don’t sound at all in our favour.

Lincoln: That’s because they were never in our favour!

McCloud: Both of you, shut up! There are always risks when it comes to war. Let’s face it, war is hell, and we’ve already taken our fair share of casualties in the past. So we need to pick our teams accordingly.

Lincoln: I’ll fight the good fight if need be. I’m sick of sitting around the base twiddling my thumbs while the rest of my squad is busting skulls.

McCloud: Johnson, you can join Lincoln on this mission. Lord knows we need the heavy weaponry…and now for the Blues. (turns to see only Dex representing Blues) Ah jeez…Dex, where’s your squad?

Dex: Back at the base.

McCloud: And why didn’t you tell them to come to the meeting? You know this is kind of a regular thing…

Dex: Leeroy wasn’t feeling very well, so Johnny stayed back to keep an eye on him. They’ve kind of been bonding a little bit since Innes died… and I hate it. I wish they would let me bond to them too.

Higgins: (to Dex) Has there been a lot of shoulder-crying?

Johnson: Or perhaps some hand holding? Teddy bear cuddling? Two dudes making out sorta thing?

Rose: (to Johnson) You are in to some really freaky shit-

Dex: Well now that you mention it, just the other day-

McCloud: (cuts off Dex) Uh that’s okay, please! We really don’t need to know.

Dex: Ah alright…

McCloud: (sighs) I honestly hate to do this…but Dex…since you are the only Blue soldier that is here in body-

Dex: Mind and soul!?

McCloud: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves….you’ll be joining Lincoln and Johnson on his mission. (turns to Reds) Please don’t let him out of your sights…and don’t let him touch anything.

Lincoln: So now on top of storming a heavily-guarded tower and stealing alien tech, we’re babysitting. Why did I even sign up for this god-damn war?

(cuts to Blue base upper level – Johnny enters from above deck, meeting Leeroy inside)

Johnny: How’s it going, buddy?

Leeroy: Well I think things are going a little better…it looks like McCloud is sending Dex on the next mission.

Johnny: So that means we’ll have some peace and quiet-

Leeroy: If only for a few hours….

Johnny: Better than nothing….hey, are you feeling okay? You seem down.

Leeroy: Well…I was just thinking about Innes. It’s been six months since he passed…and…well…where has the time gone?

Johnny: How does that make you feel?

Leeroy: Are you a psychiatrist now?

Johnny: Actually, I am licensed in both psychology and medicine. I base my choice on whichever side of the bed I wake up on in the morning.

Leeroy: You’re kidding?

Johnny: I sense you’re not providing me the full picture… so why don’t we start again from the top. When did you find out that you had these…depressive feelings toward Innes?

(Leeroy sighs)

(cuts to entrance of nearby cave. Innes is seen walking out of cave. Holsters energy sword in place of his battle rifle)

Innes: I need food…I need a radio…I need to get home…I need to stop talking to myself.

(stops in front of a large concrete wall, Innes looks up to see his path is blocked)

Innes: You have got to be kidding me.

(fades to black)



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