Watchers – Chapter 1-2: Brothers


Peake, Ontario was not an outstanding town by any means of the imagination. Billy understood this more than anyone. But man, could Peake College throw a graduation party.

Billy caught wind that Peake College was throwing some kind of post-grad-grad-Frosh event for the 2016 alumni class, and oddly enough, Billy, and all of his friends were included.

He never thought that he would share a moment so important with his close-knit circle of friends – not until his future wedding, of course – but at 24 years old, Billy was excited to be spending the day with his best friends in the world.

Everyone came together not just to support Billy and his brother Collin in graduating, but most of his friend group were graduating together.

The two brothers pushed open the double-doors of Peake College one last time, and were greeted by Antonio and Christian on the other side.

“Hey!” the boys shouted in unison, as Billy and Collin embraced the two in a bro-hug.

Antonio and Christian were Billy’s best friends from childhood, but they were brothers to him and Collin. Antonio graduated with a diploma in video game programming, and was already looking to start working on his first solo project.

Christian, on the other hand, was one of the only members of the group that wasn’t graduating. He hadn’t even gone to college! He decided to jump into the workforce headfirst, and worked his way to the top of the corporate food chain, managing a Starbucks in downtown Toronto.

Both Antonio and Christian were renting their own apartments in Toronto, shelling out buttloads of hard-earned cash to pay for rent, the internet and to keep their fridges loaded with food.

Billy hadn’t even considered moving out on his own until he had two key goals met:

  1. A loyal and responsible roommate, and 2. A steady paying job.

As a new graduate, Billy saw only one of those goals coming true in the near-months ahead, as he realized the corporate world was going to be a ruthless beast. He was already considering purchasing a mighty steel dagger to which he would begin carving out a winning battle strategy.

But for now, a party was waiting for the boys. Antonio’s girlfriend Emily snuck up behind him, sliding under his arm and resting her head against his chest. She too was dressed in a graduate’s gown.

Emily was a fashion design graduate and casual gamer, like her boyfriend. She had an odd taste in the occult and suspense, and was obsessed with all things horror. Billy could have sworn her middle name was “Cthulhu” in a past life; she practically worshipped H.P. Lovecraft’s work.

“Come on, boys. We’ve got a party waiting,” she said, tugging Antonio’s sash and dragging him away like a dog on a leash. Christian followed close behind.

“Is your party hat on?” Collin asked.

“I’ve got this here grad cap, I’m sure it works just the same,” Billy smiled.

Collin patted his older brother on the shoulder, as he ran ahead and jumped on Christian’s back.

“Giddy up!” Collin screamed to Christian, as the two boys shared a laugh all the way down the hall.

Billy was seeing a totally different side to Collin that day. A side he truly liked; a side he was happy to have had a part in crafting.

Collin didn’t have many friends growing up, and was constantly picked on for his social ineptitude.

One Collin’s 16th birthdayday, Antonio bought him a video game, and ever since then, Collin just seemed to naturally become ‘one of the guys.’

It warmed Billy’s heart to know that he was doing something right as the older brother. He ran to catch up to his friends that were already making their way to the 2nd floor.


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