Watchers – Chapter 1-1: Graduation Day


Collin sat perfectly still in his seat, turning his head to follow the assembly line of college graduates that were crossing the stage toward the podium to collect their certificates. Each one was bathed in a blue gown with gold sashes, and smiles lining their faces.

Collin watched as the parents of each kid rushed the stage to capture the moment their son or daughter crossed the wooden catwalk, waving like royalty to an audience of roughly one thousand.

Collin looked down at his feet, twitching in anticipation to step up and finally collect his certificate. He began reflecting on the events leading up to this moment.

He understood the circumstances surrounding his graduation were a bit odd. He felt as though he was ahead of the curb looking back at his high school friends who had all scurried off to university to tackle double majors in psychology and the arts; as if those two sides could ever find a middle ground.

His art program was only two years long, but it gave him the knowledge and skill set to go out and take on the world. He developed this insatiable hunger; the kind you get when you finish the first course at a buffet and wonder, “is that all you’ve got?”

Collin spotted his older brother Billy rise up from his decorative seat, and cross the floor in front of him to join the lineup to collect his prize.

Yes…he realized that even though he was two years junior to Billy, the two brothers were graduating at the exact same time. Billy often joked about this day to their parents, suggesting this would be the first and only time they could say they saved having to throw two separate parties and could finally share a cake with their names on it. Collin laughed at the thought.

The two shared just about everything life had thrown at them, and now they got the chance to share graduation day together.

Collin looked up to meet Billy’s eyes, as Billy shot Collin a finger pistol and a wink. Collin felt his face light up like a Christmas tree in June.

A college graduate – Collin was about to become a college graduate.


3 thoughts on “Watchers – Chapter 1-1: Graduation Day

    1. Thanks! I was inspired to try the short episodic releases of these stories by one of my friends whose been doing it with much success!

      Its hard to sit down and write long-form, so this is much much easier to acheive on a weekly basis. Thanks for reading and I’ll be keeping an eye on your content!

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