Squadron 1337 Episode #2: Late for the Party


(scene begins on Zealot)

(Leeroy, then Innes, then Johnson are seen moving up the west staircase slowly with guns out)

(cuts to new room, with red and blue computers on opposite walls)

(Leeroy moves in first, crouching down in center, and looks left and right)

Leeroy: Alright guys, move up, cover both sides.

Innes: Got it, I’ve got this end covered. (shows Innes by ramp near blue computer)

Johnson: Nobody’s getting through over here. (shows Johnson by ramp near red computer)

Leeroy: Good, hold up a sec guys.

(radio transmission comes on)

Leeroy: Captain, this is Leeroy. We’ve arrived on Zealot, what’s your call?

(cuts to inside top floor of Squadron 1337, McCloud inside green mission room with Lincoln and Dex)

McCloud: Alright son good work. Did you see any Elites on your way up?

Leeroy: Surprisingly, no. (cuts back to Leeroy on Zealot) But we’ve arrived in a small missions room with red and blue holographic computers. Innes and Johnson have the room covered, you want me to get into some of their files.

(cuts back to McCloud)

McCloud: Sounds like a plan, but we’ll need an encryption code. Got any ideas?

Leeroy: I don’t know. Reach, Pillar of Autumn, Uprising. Something important to them?

(cuts back to McCloud mission room)

Dex: How bout’ bacon flavoured chili sticks?

McCloud: Would you quiet down?

Dex: How bout’ marshmallow taco paste. My gran’ma used to make it for me when I was a wee sprout.

Lincoln: I don’t think they would use an encryption code of your grandma’s recipe or else she’d been in on this whole scheme with the aliens against us.

Dex: It wouldn’t surprise me. She was always raving crackpot theories about how aliens and crop circles were real, and it was a sign from the heavens that spring was coming sooner than expected…oh, and also she kept saying how maybe this time, the aliens would take me away instead of my Auntie Fern’s liquor cabinet.

McCloud: Shh quiet! For god sakes.

Lincoln: Wait, I got one. Try Leet.

McCloud: Leet? What’s a leet?

Dex: I hear it’s a type of fruit.

McCloud: Would you go back to your base, please!

Lincoln: In Elite, the leet. The last four letters. I’ve just got this sneaking suspicion that it’s a code.

McCloud: There’s no possible way that could be tr-

(on radio)

Leeroy: We’re in.

McCloud Wait, what?

(back to Leeroy, now with Johnson and Innes beside him)

Leeroy: Lincoln was right. I typed in “leet”, and I got in.

(back to McCloud)

McCloud: Oh well…uh…nice work, Lincoln.

Lincoln: Thanks. It really was nothing.

Dex: I told you it was leet, but no one ever listens to me.

McCloud: Lincoln, please get him out of here before I tie him to the top of the base and chuck stones at his throat.

(Lincoln leaves with Dex)

Lincoln: Got it sir. Come on, Dex. I’ll show you my new armor ability.

Dex: Sweet!

(cuts back to Leeroy)

Leeroy: Okay boss, deciphering the data right now. Leet seems to be some sort of code. But, I don’t think you’re gonna like this.

(radio transmission)

McCloud: (on radio) Well what did you find out?

Leeroy: Sir, leet in alien comes out to 1337.

Innes: How the hell do you figure that one out? It looks nothing like it.

(cuts back to McCloud)

McCloud: So, what does that mean?

Leeroy: (radio) I don’t know, but we better move fast. (cuts back to Leeroy)The fact that we had enough time to figure out their plan without anyone stopping us must mean they’ve released full forces. They’re coming after us, after Squadron 1337.

(cuts back to McCloud base)

Rose (from outside mission room): McCloud, you’d better come see this!

McCloud: Leeroy, get your team back to base immediately.

Leeroy: (on radio) Roger that.

(ends transmission)

(cuts to McCloud walking out of base to meet Rose, Johnny and Higgins looking up at sky off-screen)

Johnny: This isn’t good.

McCloud: No. (pause)

(cuts to sky, showing three banshee ships approaching base)

McCloud: This isn’t good at all.

(end of Episode 2)


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