Ben Affleck confirms Deathstroke is coming to DCEU

Well this just happened…

Ben Affleck posted this video to his Facebook page, basically confirming the future appearance of ‘Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke’ in the DC Extended Universe.

Now the question remains…when?

It’s possible the above video is a character tease for an appearance in the upcoming Justice League film, seeing as how the film is currently being shot. However, it could also be a short tee-up to tease Deathstroke appearing in the upcoming Batman solo outing.

The very idea of a Batman v. Deathstroke reminds me of the epic showdown that occurred between the assassin and Caped Crusader in Batman: Arkham Origins.

All I can say is…my body is ready.

UPDATE: The Wrap is reporting not only will Deathstroke make an appearance in Justice League, but will serve as the main villain in The Batman solo film. The website has not confirmed their sources.

Source: Ben Affleck, The Wrap


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