Squadron 1337: Character Profiles


Captain Ralph “McCloud”
Armor Color: Green
Title: Head of Squadron 1337
Armor Ability: None

Captain McCloud is one of the main characters in Squadron 1337, overseeing all objectives and missions of both the Red and Blue squads. McCloud himself was an ex-squad soldier, originally leader of the Green army over 24 years ago on Squadron 619. His squad single-handedly brought to justice a fellow squad leader whom betrayed the humans: Gordon Grady.

Following this, he and all the soldiers in his Squad went their separate ways; some were discharged, while others were given the opportunity to run newly formed squads following the collapse of 619.

McCloud chose to stay, and in turn was promoted to head of Squadron 1337, where he was paired with not one, but eight Red and Blue troops. This band of misfits will prove not only to get on McCloud’s nerves at times, but prove how strong they can really be when put to the test.

When it comes to his new job as Squadron leader, he takes his job very seriously, but he also cares deeply for the well-being of his soldiers. He hates making the tough decisions because he fears having someone close to him in his life turn against him again, much like Gordon Grady, but ultimately must follow the book most of the time.

Red Squad:

Arthur Thomas “Lincoln”
Armor Color: Red
Title: Red Squad Leader
Armor Ability: Overshield

Lincoln was promoted to Red Squad Leader immediately before his move to Squadron 1337. Commanding soldiers Rose, Johnson and Higgins, Lincoln is a very practical leader, and always has his eye on getting the job done right. Thus, he fears the very idea of failure.

Lincoln has a close bond with all of his team mates, and even is close with Dex from the blue squad, treating him more like a son or a little brother.

Lincoln’s armor ability is not really an ability, but just a standard overshield that he can activate to give him extra strength and durability during a battle situation. It can help him to withstand bullet fire longer, but eventually runs out.

Beverley “Rose” McCreery
Armor Color: Pink
Title: Scout
Armor Ability: Cloaking

Rose is the only girl on Squadron 1337, but that doesn’t stop her from showing up most of the other soldiers. Rose is not one for close combat, but rather enjoys long distance, tactical strategy and oversees where all enemies are on the battlefield, allowing her team to be one step ahead of the game.

Rose has high regards for her superiors and follows orders very well. She often times butts heads with Johnson because of his sexist nature, and works well with Higgins.

Rose’s armor ability, cloaking, goes hand-in-hand with her scout nature, and when she has to, can sneak up and take her enemies by surprise.

Daryn B. “Johnson”
Armor Color: Maroon
Title: Mechanic
Armor Ability: Armor Lock

Johnson is a very loyal, trustworthy teammate, but jealous of how well Rose gets attention for hard work over him. Johnson is the Red Squad’s mechanic, and oversees any technical issues on the battlefield, as well as being able to fix jammed weaponry and vehicles, as well as carry the big guns when necessary.

Johnson butts heads with Rose because of his sometimes sexist nature, but when it comes to getting the mission done, Johnson puts aside all differences for the team.

Johnson’s armor ability is Armor Lock, where he pounds the ground and glows white, locking his armor up for a few seconds, making him invincible to enemy vehicles and weapons.

Frederick “Higgins”
Armor Color: Tan
Title: Master of Distractions
Armor Ability: Hologram

The Red squad’s rookie, Higgins was given the title “Master of Distractions” by squad leader Lincoln, because Higgins always seems to find ways to distract the enemy and still survive when under fire.

Higgins has a tendency to take things said out of proportion, and hear things in a sentence that weren’t there, but have a disturbing reference in them. Higgins tries to stay out of the way of bickering within the Red squad, and is happy simply being the rookie of the Reds.

Higgins’ armor ability, hologram, helps him get the jump on his enemies, as they get distracted attacking his hologram, Higgins can attack from a different angle and finish the fight before it begins.

He has a fiancée back on Earth, Shelley, whom he had to leave behind as he was pulled into duty. He fears not being able to come home safely to be with her, but is thankful for her undying love and support, even galaxies away.

Blue Squad:

Ephraim “Innes” Frelia
Armor Color: Sage/Dark Green
Title: Blue Squad Leader
Armor Ability: Drop Shield

Innes is the first non-blue squad member to become leader of a Blue squad. With that in mind, it comes with bragging rights. Innes butts heads a lot with second-in-command Leeroy, as Innes does have issues with accidentally firing at his own team during combat missions.

Innes is not quite leader material, and doesn’t give orders often to his teammates, but he prefers to work with his teammates as equal soldiers rather than ordering them around. He tends to take things at face value. He fears death, he fears aliens, but when backed into a corner, he can hold his own in combat.

Innes’ armor ability is the drop shield, which when activated drops a blue bubble shield that can block enemy gunfire for a short period of time.

Sebastian Malakai “Leeroy”
Armor Color: Blue
Title: Offensive Soldier
Armor Ability: Sprint

A soldier of French and South African descent, born and raised in Canada, Leeroy can be quite the asshole at times. Butting heads with Innes because he is not a good squad leader, Leeroy takes his anger out on the battlefield, enjoying getting close in combat and attacking head-on when the time is right.

Leeroy is a very resourceful soldier who can hold his own in battle. He is promoted to Blue Squad Leader at the end of Episode 3 following Innes’ (unconfirmed) death, and fears that he will not be capable enough to step up and be a leader on the battlefield.

Leeroy’s armor ability is sprint, which allows him to run right out at full speed into any battle situation.

Billy Bob “Dex”
Armor Color: Teal
Title: Heavy Weaponry
Armor Ability: Evade

Born and raised by a bunch of rednecks in a beat up trailer in Colorado, it’s not surprising that Dex has been dropped on his head a few times in his life. Mixing that with the environment he’s grown up in, Dex is by far the strangest soldier to hit Squadron 1337. Dex is completely loyal to Innes, his so-called squad leader, and tries to work close with him on the battlefield, he also maintains a close friendship with Lincoln, looking up to him as a surrogate brother at times.

Dex is known for his trademark quote, “Doi”, and also for the ridiculous remarks that come out of his mouth in both battle situations and in any moments among his teammates.

Dex’s armor ability is evade, which allows him to quickly dodge left and right to avoid enemy gunfire. Knowing Dex, he may not be able to handle this ability well enough. He may not seem to be a resourceful soldier, but put to the test, he has proven himself time and time again that he can still ‘survive’ long enough to push through the war, much to the dismay of his fellow soldiers.

Medical Officer Jonathon “Johnny” Forrester
Armor Color: Cobalt
Title: Medic
Armor Ability: Jetpack

Preferred to be called by “Johnny”, Johnny attended both medical school and then the University of West Virginia for psychology. Trying to balance the titles of Psychiatrist and Doctor is a challenging feat, as Johnny bases his title on what side of the bed he’s woken up on in the morning. (Left side Psychiatrist, Right-side Doctor)

Johnny is a pacifist, but will engage in combat ONLY if necessary. Other than that, Johnny is quick to leap to assistance in case of a medical emergency, but he’s not the best soldier in combat.

Johnny’s armor ability is the jetpack, which allows him to fly to the nearest location of any downed soldier, as well as fly to cover or to a distance to provide covering fire and scout, if necessary.


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