Writing Tests: Red Balloon

A young child carelessly guides a red helium balloon across a damp field of grass.

He’s wandered aimlessly off the path. His mother gives chase after him but can’t keep up; it’s as if the red balloon has entranced the young child.

Staring up at the floating orb, the boy’s eyes are vacant, unmoving. His face is motionless, except for his lips, which whisper nothings into the air. Maybe a chant, maybe a phrase, maybe some form of worship toward the balloon.

The boy has begun to cancel out the mother’s shrill screams of terror as her son continues to evade her grasp.

She trips and falls on the pavement, braking her right arm, and lets out another scream; this time in pain.

The child’s focus is snapped out immediately by the sudden change of tone in his mother’s calls.

As he turns to face his mother, he sheds a single tear. His face remains absent, void of any other emotion other than the possibility of sadness brought on by watching his mother jerk in pain on the side of the road.

The mother lifts her head to meet her son’s eyes. The son reveals a small smile, still holding the balloon gently by his side as a soft breeze keeps the orb in sway.

The mother bites her lip in pain, and twists her lips into a smile, before suddenly being struck by a stunning realization.

“LOOK OUT!” A voice shrieks from behind the child.

The child remains motionless, entranced now by the smile of his mother, and the rhythmic movements of the red balloon’s in the breeze.

A blue Chevy Camaro pierces the air, sending the mother into a panicked cry, as the boy releases his final breath, loosing the grasp of the red balloon, sending it off to the heavens.


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