Update on Writing

Hey readers.

I’m sure there are a number of you who are wondering when I’m going to post another short story.

I’m usually pretty good at banging one off once or twice a month, but last month, I decided to try something different.

I wanted to write something long-form. I wanted to write a novel, or at least attempt to.

In fact, that process is still on-going as I’ve been working on that same story. I can’t say I’ve been able to write every day, but any chance I get and if inspiration hits me like a wave, I will pound a few words out on the keyboard and try to make masterpieces happen (well, masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination).

The last time I attempted a long-form, chapter-by-chapter story I would’ve been in high school, probably Grade 12, when I wrote a little horror story called ‘March of the Plants’. Now that story’s incredibly dated, but what was also fascinating was that that story was my last hand-written story before I made the shift to writing on my computer.

Call me a late adopter of modern technology, but I have always been that way. Even with gadgets, gizmos, games and everything under the sun that requires a charge.

Anyways, I’m keeping tight-lipped on this story I’m writing as well as any other long-form pieces to come in the future. I’m realizing how once I publish a story on something like DeviantArt or even WordPress the idea is there for everyone to see and to exploit, and in the case of DeviantArt sometimes, steal and recreate. This hasn’t happened to me, but it’s the internet, so you never know.

The greatest artists tend to steal from other artists, so I’ve heard, so I’d rather be on the thieving end rather than than being robbed of my ideas.

All I can say is that the story I am working on is a mystery-horror novel, and I’ve also got another couple of ideas in the hat for long-form pieces that I’m looking to start very soon when I have time.




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