Clouds of change / Hands of time

Douglas had never noticed the way Tracey’s auburn locks gently caressed her smooth, white shoulders, but he began to force back the urge to reach out and touch her.

The two neighborhood kids lay within an arm’s length apart on a grassy knoll behind their houses, as they spent the afternoon staring up at passing clouds and pointing out shapes of animals and people from the puffy formations.

The two pre-teens traded awkward glances from time to time, before returning to the peaceful skies.

Douglas was only 11 years old, but he felt a strong feeling of intimacy that he thought of pursuing with Tracey, but felt too embarassed and unsure of how to approach this very moment with her.

Tracey on the other hand knew how to keep her feelings for Douglas at bay; she was quite mature beyond her years, but from time to time, the struggle came to a head when she fell into the deep trance that was Douglas’ big, blue eyes.

Douglas noticed a strong change, not only in Tracey’s physical appearence, but in the way that she spoke to him, and the ways that she made him feel, again almost too embarassing to disclose at this present moment.

He had hitherto noticed a change with his own body; his voice was just beginning to drop in decibels as he began his next phase of puberty, but also his “private parts” were beginning to grow and drop with age and maturity. These were things he was unsure about, but he just chalked it up to a sudden growth spurt that affected his entire body. Hell, if he could grow hair under his armpits, he may as well grow it anywhere. He felt too embarassed to speak to his parents about this change.

Tracey had gone to her mother and been shown how to put on her first training bra, as she was already starting to sprout and didn’t want to feel embarassed at school, so she worked up the courage to ask her mother’s help in getting her ready for the grown-up world. Her mother cried and gratefully accepted.

The two kids continued to trade awkward glances, but began to hide huge grins, eventually Tracey caved and began laughing. Douglas joined suit, and now the two children were laughing hysterically, at nothing.

The two of them laughed until they were only able to spurt out short, halted giggles.

Suddenly, Tracey got up and began running across the field, and Douglas sat up and watched her run from one end to the other, dancing gracefully in her orange summer dress and bare feet across the finely cut grass.

She spun around with her arms outstretched to the sun, as the ball of light’s orange rays complimented her dress and her hair. She appeared to float above the ground as she gracefully performed pirouettes and handstands. The sun just filled her with so much energy that I couldn’t help but rise to my feet and join in on the fun.

I ran up and began rolling in the grass around her feet, as Tracey continued pirouetting around me. She tripped over her own feet, as she collapsed into my lap as I sat up to catch her.

As gracefully as she had tip toed around the field, she fell with such grace that it was as if the angels gently dropped her into my hands.

She sat in my lap for a number of seconds, as she stared into my eyes with awe.

Tracey couldn’t find the words to describe how she felt in that moment, but she was thinking about a clock, and how she wanted to take the hands of time and just bend them to the point where they couldn’t move.

She wanted to freeze this moment with Douglas, and as Douglas imagined the exact same thing, he cut a quick glance at his wristwatch, as he noticed the screen had shattered, and the hands had broken off following Tracey’s sudden collapse of weight onto Douglas. This was a sign.

Douglas returned his eyes back to Tracey, as he closed his eyes and puckered up his lips.

Tracey saw this, and smiled, puckering up her lips and planting a single kiss on Douglas, gently touching his cheek as she did so.

As they pulled away, Tracey could hear her mother’s voice from behind the fence calling her for dinner.

Tracey looked longingly into Douglas’ eyes, caressing his cheek, before removing herself from his lap and running back to the house.

Douglas remained seated in the middle of the field, as he lay back on the grass, watching as the puffy white clouds began to morph and change shape, bringing in dark grey thunderclouds from the east.

Douglas got up, smiling to the west as he watched the last of the white puffy clouds drift into the distance, and he began his trek back to his own home.


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