Squadron 1337 Episode #1: The Misfits

Squadron 1337 Characters:

Captain Ralph McCloud – Armor Green – “The Big Boss”

Red Squad:

Arthur Thomas “Lincoln” – Armor Red – Red Squad Leader – Overshield

Beverley “Rose” McCreery – Armor Pink – Scout – Cloaking

Darren B. “Johnson” – Armor Maroon – Mechanic – Armor Lock

Fredrick “Higgins” – Armor Tan – Master of Distraction – Hologram

Blue Squad:

Ephraim “Innes” Frelia – Armor Sage/Dark Green – Blue Squad Leader – Drop Shield

Sebastian Malakai “Leeroy” – Armor Blue – Offensive Soldier – Sprint

Billy Bob “Dex” – Armor Teal – Heavy Weaponry – Evade

Medical Officer Jonathon “Johnny” Forrester – Armor Cobalt – Medic – Jetpack

(opening credits begin: shows “Will173 Productions presents”, fades out as level “Boardwalk” comes into view. An overhead shot, camera slowly floats overtop a staircase area as we see a white soldier, and two dark-armoured soldiers walking side-by-side up the staircase)

(radio transmission comes on)

(camera switches to close-ground view, as camera pans across as the radio transmission comes on)

McCloud: This is Captain McCloud, are you in place?

(unknown woman voice replies, camera pans across to reveal Rose, as she turns to see the three soldiers walking up the ramp)

Rose: I’m in place, sir. commencing operation.

(Rose turns invisible and sneaks off)

(camera angle switches to in front of three men walking up stairs, as maroon-colored feet appear on-camera close-up)

Johnson: Hi there, I hope I’m not interrupting.

(camera cuts to Rose in place, as she snipes the dark-armoured soldier on the left, from Johnson’s perspective.)

(As one soldier falls, the second opens fire on Johnson who uses armor lock)

(As this is happening, white soldier turns and runs back down the corridor to avoid the fire)

(Rose manages to pick off the second soldier just as Johnson’s armor lock wears off)


(scene cuts to white soldier coming out from stairwell area, as Higgins is seen running up towards him and stops. White soldier draws pistol and opens fire, as the hologram Higgins disappears)

(Close-up of left-side-profile of white soldier, as camera slowly pans right to reveal the real Higgins behind him)

(white soldier turns around)

Higgins: Boy, this is not your day.

(hits white soldier as camera cuts quickly to black, and the show logo appears)

(show logos fades once black fades to reveal Squadron LEET HQ in an angled long shot, and a falcon zooms past the camera)


*(as this scene continues, opening credits begin, showing names of actors in bottom left hand corner, as well as producer, audio, artwork, director, etc.)*


(cuts down to Red landing bay, McCloud faintly seeing standing by, as Falcon plane lands in front of him)

(cuts to closer shot, as Johnson, Rose and Higgins step out of Falcon and approach McCloud)


McCloud: Welcome back team, was your mission successful?

Johnson: You bet your ass it was successful!

Higgins: (turns to Johnson) Does this mean we get tea and cookies now?

Rose: What Johnson means, is that we took care of the objective. You won’t have to worry about Gordon Grady anymore.

McCloud: That’s good to hear. If Grady had enough time, he would’ve gathered an entire army to enact his revenge on me.

Higgins: I guess that’s what you get for trying to keep him locked up all this time.

McCloud: Shut it.

(Dex appears in background from side of end of tunnel)

Dex: Does this mean I get to go out on the next mission?

McCloud: (turns to Dex) No Dex, go back to your base.

Dex: Don’t I at least get a cookie?

McCloud: (to Dex) There are no cookies!

Rose: What’s next, chief?

McCloud: Rendezvous with Lincoln back at your base, and at O-eight-hundred, meet up with me at briefing for your next mission.

Johnson: What about the blues?

McCloud: I’ve already informed them of their next mission. They’re just busy picking who will go. I’m only allowing two of them out for this one.

(cuts to inside Blue Base on top floor)

Innes: So definitely not Dex.

Leeroy: Agreed, not Dex…he’ll just fuck everything up.

(Dex appears outside base, yells up to Blues)

Dex: Hey guys!

Innes: Oh crap. Johnny, go stall.

Johnny: But why me? I’m never good at this kind of stuff.

Innes: Do it, or I’ll send you out with Dex by yourself.

Johnny: Fine, fine.

(cuts to outside base, behind Dex’s head. Johnny appears on ledge on top floor)

Johnny: What’s up, little buddy?

Dex: Um…are we having tea and cookies today?

Johnny: I…don’t think so…why?

Dex: Because McCloud just finished talking to the Reds about their successful mission and Higgins brought up tea and cookies…I just thought maybe we’d be getting some too…

Johnny: Um…sorry bud, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. McCloud can’t afford to buy such fancy foods, that’s why we only get TV dinners and Chex.

Dex: But what about those waffles, do we have any more waffles?

Johnny: That was what Lincoln brought back when their team took down that enemy soup kitchen that was overrun by the Flood.

Dex: I knew those waffles tasted bitter.

Johnny: Go play behind the big base over there. Us grown ups are talking about our next mission.

Dex: Can I come??? Pretty please!?

(shows inside base from close-up of Johnny’s head)

Innes: Good job, Johnny. You had to fuck up our schemes.

(cuts to red base bottom floor)

(Rose, Johnson and Higgins enter the base, as Lincoln is there waiting for them)

Lincoln: Well its about time, I didn’t think you would make it back. That mission was priority level orange, and that’s a step up from light orange, which is still pretty serious.

Johnson: It was a piece of cake, Lincoln. You should’ve been there. Bullets were flying, soldiers were getting killed, Higgins went all “Boy this is not your day”, and then the screen went black.

Lincoln: The screen went black? That’s not healthy, son, you should get that checked out.

Rose: What he means to say is that through all the carnage, we successfully took out the biggest threat to Squadron 1337.

Higgins: So does that mean we’ve won the war?

Lincoln: Highly unlikely.

Rose: I’m sure if we did, our family and friends would’ve greeted us as we landed, and confetti would’ve been flying everywhere, and I probably would’ve won a purple heart for my excellent tactical skills in combat.

Johnson: Oh bullshit, you did nothing but hide behind your invisibility. I was all like, “hey guys, WOOSH”. Armor Lock, eat that.

Lincoln: Enough bickering. Now, McCloud wanted us to meet him up top in a few minutes, so I suggest we head on up to see about the next mission.

Higgins: Maybe then he’ll get us some tea and cookies, right sir??

Lincoln: Again…highly unlikely.

(cuts to top of middle base)

(McCloud standing patiently waiting)

(both teams seen making their way up the long staircases, meeting up with McCloud at the very top)

McCloud: Thank you all for meeting with me here on such short notice.

Higgins: This is short notice?

McCloud: Well I’m ready to send three more people off on our next important mission. So here’s the situation.

Dex: Are we gonna be getting waffles after this?

McCloud: Dex, you’re not going.

Dex: Aw fuck me!

(turns around and walks back down ramp off-screen to base)

McCloud: Now. Blue team has decided that Innes and Leeroy will be participating in this mission, but the fight could get heavy, so I’m sending in Johnson from the Red Team to be our heavy weaponry.

Johnson: Hay Bada Boom Bada Bing!

McCloud: Um, sure. Now, you three will be travelling to Zealot to bring down a large force of Elites who may pose a large threat to Squadron 1337.

Rose: So then Grady’s forces weren’t the worst of our troubles?

McCloud: Well they were, but he’s dead now, so now we can turn our attention to bringing down the Elites.

Johnson: Hoo-Ra! Bringing down an entire race of Elites, in one mission. It’ll be quite the bloodbath.

McCloud: I have faith that you three can get the job done. So whenever you are ready, get your weapons and armor enhancements and head to the Blue landing bay. I’ve already installed a map onto your wrist navigators, so fly safely.

(end of Episode 1)


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