The Only Light in Darkness

The darkness is my prison, but it has also become my sanctuary, my solace, my escape, and my only protection.

These humanoid creatures that roam the dark halls of this forgotten wasteland; their eyes gouged out, their other senses stagnated, their skin as pasty grey as the slimiest lizards, their solace remains with the light.

They are drawn to it, they feed off it, and they feed off whatever passes through it.

However, they remain shrouded in darkness, which is where I make my home.

They can’t see me, and I can’t see them. We live in this shared universe where only one of us fears for our lives every day and night.

So long as I remain hidden by the very darkness that I fear, I feel I have a slightly better chance of survival.

I’ve seen what they look like, and I feel they can sense me.

So I remain in the dark, we live in stalemate. I make small steps every night to try and get away, but they’re everywhere.

They are the darkness, and they can consume whatever lies in the light. They can cross between both worlds without fear or hesitation.

However within the darkness, I am the only source of light they can’t see.


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